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School Closures During Social Lockdown and Mental Health, Health Behaviors, and Well-being Among Children and Adolescents During the First COVID-19 Wave

A Systematic Review Russell Viner, PhD1; Simon Russell, PhD1; Rosella Saulle, MD2; et alHelen Croker, PhD1; Claire Stansfield, PhD3; Jessica Packer, MSc1; Dasha Nicholls, MD(Res)4; Anne-Lise Goddings, PhD1; Chris Bonell, PhD5; Lee Hudson, PhD1; Steven Hope, PhD1; Joseph Ward, MBBS1; Nina Schwalbe, MPH6; Antony Morgan, PhD7; Silvia Minozzi, MD2Author AffiliationsArticle Information JAMA Pediatr. Published online January 18, 2022. doi:10.1001/jamapediatrics.2021.5840 Key…

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